Marty's debut book utilizes his four decades of drum experience having coached 1000's of drummers from all diferent backgrounds & cultures.  Marty's paradigm in this book series  explores the importants of  "The Basics." Although often over looked and ignored, plying drums uses the skills and concept of coming out of a beat into the fill, and returning to the "1" smoothly, consistently and effortlessly.  Although most drummers  play it by heart, Fullard explores  the theory that there is way more to this than meets the eye.  Fullard has coached multi -platinum selling drummers and totally entry - level drummers, yet there is a tendency to miss the importance of what initially seems to be "The Basics," at both levels. The book gives both beat and fill ideas, with charts, as well  as note theory. There is practical help to enhance chart reading. "Doing The Basics Well"  is aimed at drummers, teachers and students of all levels and abilities.  Marty works with drummers of all abilities and is also a drum therapist. This  book will help drummers understand notation and sight reading and wil help drummers wrap their heads around time signatures and note values.  It will also help inspire teachers & students of all ages and abilities. 



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There are many drum books on the market, but The Drum Method by Marty truly stands out as one of the best.  It's a wonderful tool for students to develop their drumming as well as their sight reading skills.  The examples shown in the book are incredibly practical and beneficial, not only for students at all levels, but for educators as well.  Beyond the musical content and clear explanations is the fact that the book is printed on heavey paper, making it extra easy to turn pages and use.  And I feel compelled to add that the front cover picture of Marty shows him in the true light- happy, handsome and dediated to his craft. Joel Rothman, Drum Educator, Author.

"Marty Fullard has written a great guide entitled ' The Drum Method-A Whole New Drum Paradigm' intended for beginners and intermediate students in the world of drumming. Marty explains in great detail patterns and techniques that will improve any student's reading and playing abilities. If you're serious about learning to play drums, this wonderful book, in combination with private lessons and effective practice, will give students the skills they need, not only to play the drums, but also to have FUN while doing so!" Keith John, Emmy Award Winning; Drummer/Educator; Resume includes Billy Idol, Bob Seger etc.,

"Marty's 'Be Excellent ' drum book proves you  CAN teach an old dog new tricks and also remind him of the ones he's forgotten! Easy to follow and a pleasure to learn from." Mike Evans, Ace in the Hand, Sheffield, UK.

"The Drum Method by Marty Fullard has been a great help for me, because it has allowed me to grow, evolve & debug my drumming technique.  It is a book writtten in precise, detailed, & very well explained way.  I would highly recommend it to students and drum teachers."  Sony Feltz, San Jose, Costa Rica.